Beginner / Early Elementary

Five Waltzes for the earliest beginner (should be taught by rote), with duet parts (duet parts are Level 3)

Dragon Etude No 2 in G major (Level 1-2)

Swinging Along  No. 1 in D, No. 2 in F (Level 2)

Snake Dance in D minor (Level 2)

Tänze und Lieder ~ Dances & Songs (Level 1-2)

A Happy Melody in G major, three versions from Early to Late Elementary (Level 1-2)

Late Elementary

Spieluhren ~ Music Boxes (Level 2)

On a Quiet Rainy Day in D minor (Level 2)

Lebhafte Unterhaltung ~ Lively Conversation in C major (Level 2)

Bagatelle in G major (Level 2-3)

Etude No 1 in C major (Level 2-3)

Dragon Etude No 1 in C major (Level 3)

Early Intermediate

Etude No 2 in C major (Level 3)

Arpeggio Étude – “Daydreaming” (Level 3)

Minuet in F major (Level 3)

Minuet in G major for violin and piano (piano part is Level 3) – This is an arrangement for violin and piano of the Minuet in F.

Gavotte in A minor (Level 3)

Waltz for a Carefree Elephant in C major (Level 3)

Waltz for a Friendly Donkey in F major (Level 3)

Minuet and Trio in A major (Level 3)

Concertino in C major  Allegretto – Minuet and Trio – Finale Scherzando (Level 3-4)

Etude No 6 in G major (Level 4)

Gavotte in A major (Level 4)

Parade of the Waddling Geese in C major (Level 4)

Canon in D & Jolly Old Saint Nicholas for two violins, cello, and piano (piano Level 4)


Gavotte in G major (Level 5-6)

Bourree in A minor (Level 5-6)

Bourrée in D minor for piano duet (Level 5-6)

Chanson mélancolique in G major (Level 6)

Three Pieces for Piano – I. Piacevole in A flat major (Level 6)

Etude No 5 “Tarantella” in E minor (Level 6-7)

Etude No 4 “Carousel” in F major (and D flat major) (Level 6-7)

Round and Round (The Children of Granville) in G major (& E flat & B) (Level 6-7)

Tarantellina from Concertino in A minor for two pianos (Level 6-7)

Haunted Forest in G minor for piano duet (Level 7)

Haunted Forest in G minor for solo piano (Level 7)

Last Days of Summer in A flat major (Level 7)

Arabesque in G minor (Level 7)

Here and There and Everywhere in F major (Level 7)

Swirling in A minor (Level 7)

Etude No 3 “Perpetuum mobile” in D minor (Level 7)

Late Intermediate

Bourrée In A Minor (Level 7)

Waltz in A minor (Level 7)

Waltz in A major (Level 7)

Arpeggio Étude “Ascending” in D flat major (Level 7-8)

Three Pieces for Piano – IV. Fugace in A flat major (Level 7-8)

Four Toccatas (Level 7-8)

Promenade à vélo in A flat major (Level 8)

Three Pieces for Piano – II. Agitato in F minor (Level 8)

Sentimental Waltz in A flat major (Level 8)

Early Advanced

Three Pieces for Piano – III. Fantasia in A flat major (Level 8-9)