In 2/4 time, unhurriedly moving along.

Mostly continuous eighth note motion, divided between the hands. The suggested tempo is 100 for the eighth note.

Not much hands together. Using finger pedal and foot pedal will create a full sound. For the first four measures, the finger pedal is written out.

The continuous eighth note motion does the counting for you. The pianist needs to be familiar with single eighth notes, eighth note pairs, eighth note rests, quarter and half notes in the right hand. The left hand has only eighth note pairs, quarter and half notes.

In the key of C major.

The melody in the right hand stays mostly in a five-finger position (which moves around) with only occasional finger 3 crossing over the thumb, and one measure where the interval is a melodic 7th.

The left hand has melodic intervals up to a 7th, two arpeggiated 7th chords, and harmonic 3rds, 5ths, 6ths and 7ths (always G-F).

The very last Bass clef note (E above Middle C) can easily be played with the right hand.

There are four B flats where the piece modulates to F major.

Since this piece is supposed to be quiet and unhurried, this might be a good opportunity to work on gentle touch, and expressive playing – a tiny bit of holding back at the end of most four-measure sections would be very appropriate.