Two versions:

(1) Early Elementary – hands stay in a five-finger position, move to a different five-finger position and then back; eighth note pairs in the right hand, all with fingers 2-3; two sharps, both played with finger 2 as part of an eighth note pair with fingers 3-2-3. Legato, two-note slurs, staccato. The left hand has mostly whole and half notes. Where the left hand has quarter notes, the ones on beats 2 and 4 can be left out without altering the harmony. Some half notes on beat three can be left out as well. 

(2) Mid-Elementary – the right hand is the same but the left hand is much busier, mostly quarter notes, some half and whole notes, but still in five-finger positions.

Of course, the different left hand accompaniment patterns can be mixed up – yours to get creative with! Purchase from SheetMusicDirect includes both versions.


I frequently make changes to my compositions. If you would like to make sure that you have the latest edition, please send an email to ~ If there is a newer edition I will gladly send you the updated PDF file!