Bourree in A minor (Level 5-6)

Bourrée in D minor for piano duet (Level 5-6)

Three Pieces for Piano – I. Piacevole in A flat major (Level 6)

Etude No 5 “Tarantella” in E minor (Level 6-7)

Etude No 4 “Carousel” in F major (and D flat major) (Level 6-7)

Chanson mélancolique in G major (Level 6-7)

Round and Round (The Children of Granville) in G major (& E flat & B) (Level 6-7)

Tarantellina from Concertino in A minor for two pianos (Level 6-7)

Haunted Forest in G minor for piano duet (Level 7)

Haunted Forest in G minor for solo piano (Level 7)

Arabesque in G minor (Level 7)

Here and There and Everywhere in F major (Level 7)

Allegro in G major (Level 7)

Etude No 3 “Perpetuum mobile” in D minor (Level 7)