Purchase from Sheet-Music-Direct includes two scores: one performance score (two pages), and a study score (three pages) with slightly larger notes, more white space to write comments, and many interpretation details such as dynamics, pedal, and how to approach the rubato. There are alternatives for how to play the one-octave arpeggios. 

In 6/8 time, the counting is straight-forward: it’s either groups of three consecutive eighth notes, or dotted quarter notes, and occasionally a dotted half note at the end of a phrase.

Minimal hands together. Where the left hand does accompany the right hand, it’s with dotted half notes (while the right hand has dotted quarter notes), and every time it is the same double notes plus one three-note chord.

The eighth notes move either step-wise (using fingers 1-2-3), or – with one exception -, in skips (broken major and minor chords).

The reading and counting of this piece are not challenging, but the use of syncopated pedal and the need for rubato make this piece a late Level 2.


I frequently make changes to my compositions. If you would like to make sure that you have the latest edition, please send an email to sibyllekuder@gmail.com ~ If there is a newer edition I will gladly send you the updated PDF file!