Very classical sounding, with Alberti Bass eighth notes, and right hand melody which consists mostly of quarter and eighth notes and occasional half notes. More pleasing than exciting. Musical interest will come from observing the articulation, especially the two-note slurs, and the staccato notes.
The biggest challenge is probably balance between the hands: the right hand must sing above the left hand: “mezzo forte” actually means probably close to forte for the right hand, while the left hand must be piano.

Bagatelle” means “trifle”.
The form is A-B-A where the form of the A section in itself is A-B-A* which means there is not that much material to learn.

A student at this level will be familiar with Alberti Bass but does probably not have the stamina for a full page of continuous eighth notes, therefore, at the end of every four-measure phrase, the left hand gets a break, in the form of two quarter notes or a half note, instead of continuous eighth notes.

Two pages, Level 2.


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