Merriam-Webster defines “sentimental” as “appealing to the emotions especially in an excessive way: having or expressing strong feelings of love, sadness, etc., in a way that may seem foolish or excessive.” In other words, swayed by feelings rather than reason, giving in to nostalgia, passion, drama.

This waltz follows the tradition of the 19th century German Salonstück (parlor piece): entertaining, a bit over the top, showy, anything but profound. It should have a strong lilting character, and while at times passionate, must never sound rushed. Most of the staccato notes are to be understood as a gentle release rather than as having energy.

Pianists with smaller hands should feel free to leave out notes of the larger chords to make them more manageable.

Experienced pianists are invited to add their own ornaments or flourishes.

Teachers may need to add fingerings for students who do not have the experience to come up with their own.

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